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Q: How do I know what size fender my boat needs? 

A: Please refer to our size chart.


Q: Do fender covers actually have a purpose? 

A: Yes! Boat fenders face a lot of wear and tear. Overtime, algae and barnacles attach to fenders and UV rays harden the rubber.  This can lead to scratches on your gel coat and advance the paint peeling process. Fender covers provide a soft layer of protection between your hull and the fender itself. 


Q: How do I clean my fender cover?  

A: Throw it in the washing machine! 


Q: Are the Fenders/ Fender Covers standard size?  

A: Yes, we carry the 3 most popular sizes in the industry, the G-4, G-5, and G-6. Our Fendersox™ come in 3 sizes, the FS-4, FS-5 and FS-6.

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